Lieutenant Governor

The main job of a LTG (Lieutenant Governor) is to be the liaison between the district level and the club level. A LTG will make sure each of their assigned clubs has paid their dues and is functioning as a proper Key Club. LTG’s create monthly newsletters containing information for clubs to read. They are responsible for organizing at least 5 DCMs (Division Council Meeting), and doing all district committee work. To be a distinguished LTG, all required meetings and functions must be attended. Anyone who is passionate about Key Club, has exceptional leader skills, and is ready to take on challenges, would make a great LTG. 

Duties of an LTG:

·    Attend the District Key Club Convention at both the beginning and end of the Lieutenant Governor’s term of office. 
·    Attendance at the Key Club International Convention during the Lieutenant Governor’s term of office is highly encouraged as a District Tour participant. 
·    Attend all Indiana District Key Club Board Meetings, including the District Board Training
·    Complete and file all Lieutenant Governor Division monthly reports.
·    Visit each club in your division at least one (1) time.
·    Hold a minimum of five (5) Division Council Meetings, one of which will be an election. 
·    Assist in the planning and conducting of the Regional Fall Rally Training Conference.
·    Encourage a minimum of two (2) delegates per club in your division to attend the District Convention and at least one Key Leader event.
·    Communicate with the officers of each club in the division at least once per month, and ensure they share this information with their officers, faculty advisor, and Kiwanis advisor. 
·    Collect and turn in completed Key Club Officer Information from your division to the District Secretary/Treasurer.
·    Hold a minimum of one (1) division event or project. 
·    Publish at least nine (9) monthly newsletters to the Key Clubs of the Division and in addition you have the option to create and maintain a Division website or Social Media Page, such as Facebook, which is linked to the District Website. 
·    Maintain close communication and form a partnership with your Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor.
·    Make sure that your clubs in your division have paid $13 (thirteen dollars) in dues by December 1.
·    Serve and carry out functions of District committees as appointed by the Key Club Governor.
·    Attend your respective Kiwanis Division’s Governor’s Visit of the Indiana District Kiwanis Governor.
·    Possess a working knowledge of e-mail and access to the Internet. 
·    Abide by all Key Club International rules and Code of Conduct. 

Shayna Cole, a 2010-2013 LTG, has a few words to say about her position as a LTG:

“My biggest accomplishment as LTG was boosting up my division participation. Before I became LTG, not a lot of Key Clubbers in my division knew that my position even existed, so attendance was quite low at division or district events, but throughout my years as LTG I was persistent and eventually made some real progress and have several active clubs now.”

“I believe that my position as LTG allowed me to really mature and get a sense of how the real world will be. As an LTG, you are expected to inform, communicate, plan, and ultimately get things done. Things are expected that, in most cases, aren't expected in your high school. So I really feel that this position is just a great learning experience and really teaches responsibility and reliability.”